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Why Pepper Jelly is the Perfect Gift!

The holidays are here! Thanksgiving and Halloween seem like they happened years ago and Christmas is a week away. By now you’ve hopefully done a majority of your Christmas shopping already. But, there are always those tough last few people that seem impossible to shop for. This year, consider getting them some of the best pepper jelly money can buy! In today’s blog here at Paula’s Pepper Jelly, we talk about a few great reasons why our pepper jelly makes the perfect gift. Whether it be for the holidays, a birthday gift, or just a token of your appreciation, help add a little spice to your loved one’s life with Paula’s Pepper Jelly


It’s Unique

When it comes to unique, thoughtful gifts, pepper jelly is second to none. If the person you’re buying it for has never tried it before, you can expand their horizons and help them discover a taste sensation they never knew existed. Every pepper jelly is different, but many of them create an interesting combination of sweet and spicy that few people have experienced before. Not to mention, pepper jelly is incredibly versatile. You can baste your pork, chicken, or beef in pepper jelly before you toss it on the grill to take your grilling game to the next level. You can mix it in with Mexican food to deliciously augment the flavor. The possibilities are endless! 

It’s Delicious

Perhaps the most important reason why you should give Paula’s Pepper Jelly as a gift this year is the fact that it tastes incredible. Chef Paula has spent years perfecting these recipes and has managed to create combinations that are flavorful, sweet, and have some kick. Whether you choose to use pepper jelly as a grilling baste, on a peanut butter sandwich, or on a cracker with cheese, it’s guaranteed to dramatically improve your experience.


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It’s Great for Spicy Food Lovers

We all have at least one person in our lives who can not get enough spicy food. They roam the earth in search of the best and most spicy experiences. For that special person in your life, there is no better gift than the gift of pepper jelly. For the person that wants the spiciest foods they can get their hands on, get them Paula’s Habanero Pepper Jelly. It’s amazing that something this spicy still manages to keep its flavor and sweetness while being so hot! The spice lover in your life is sure to relish it. Or, if you are looking for a gift with a little less heat, give them the gift of Paula’s Ass Kickin Lip Smackin Hot Sauce.

It’s 100% Organic

We can’t speak for our competition, but when you buy one of our products at Paula’s Pepper Jelly, you can be confident all of our ingredients are 100% organic. Our organic jelly has fresh-picked fruits grown right here in Washington. No GMOs or wondering where your food came from. We believe that this is part of what makes our jelly the best pepper jelly products on the market. 


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It’s a New Flavor to Your Grill

If you’ve never tried using pepper jelly as a marinade sauce, you’re really missing out. Depending on the pepper jelly you use, you can create intricate and interesting flavor profiles for the meat you’re grilling. For example, if you want to add some delicious kick to your steak or grilled chicken, our jalapeno pepper jelly has a finely tuned balance of heat and flavor. Or, if you want to give your burgers an elegant bacon and shallot spin, try Paula’s Bacon & Shallot Pepper Jelly. It has a medium heat and easily adds a deliciously unique flavor. 

Choose Paula’s Pepper Jelly

Tis’ the season of giving! So why not give your loved ones sweet and spicy perfection this year? Pepper jellies at Paula’s Pepper Jelly are 100% organic, flavorful, spicy, and one-of-a-kind! Those are all part of the recipe for one killer gift if you ask us. Give the gift of pepper jelly this year with help from Paula’s Pepper Jelly.

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